February 15, 2015

Total Transit / Discount Cabs

ARIZONA - Total Transit is a Tucson area company that provides a wide variety of transportation services including: taxis, paratransit / NEMT, fixed route transit, and transportation management. Since it's founding in 1984, it has shown it self to be a company that is motivated by more than financial gain. An example of this is the Total Transit Foundation, a non-profit organization established in 2009 which brought together the company's many philanthropic efforts. As well, they have shown an ongoing commitment to the environment through their use of fuel efficient hybrid vehicles in their fleets and the use of solar panels. Total Transit has also emphasized safety and training for their employees. An example of this is their on-demand taxi division: Discount Cab. All drivers there must complete a three-day training course that includes classroom, on-the-road certification and sensitivity training, as well as being certified to transport special needs passengers and wheelchair users. Watch the following video to learn more about Discount Cab:

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