January 25, 2015

Community Transport in East Sussex

UNITED KINGDOM - The following two videos provide an interesting overview of how Community Transport services operate in East Sussex. The first video begins by explaining what Community Transport is and gives us 4 examples of services operating in East Sussex: WEALDLINK - a non-profit company which provides transportation for the vulnerable and disadvantaged, Heathfield Youth Express - a transport service of a local youth centre, BusPlumpton Voluntary Driving Scheme - a volunteer driver program, and the Westham and Pevensey Community Bus Link which provides a door-to-door public transport service. The 2nd video then goes on to explain what role the East Sussex County Council plays in supporting local Community Transport initiatives. An example of how the Council partners with community is the Action in Rural Sussex which since 1931 has been working with rural communities to improve services such as transportation.

Video #1

Video #2

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