August 17, 2013

Profile: GREAT Community Transport

AUSTRALIA - GREAT Community Transport is a non-profit organization that provides transport services for eligible disabled persons and the elderly in the Blue Mountains-Penrith Valley area outside of Sydney, Australia. It started in 2004 after two local organizations amalgamated to provide better and more efficient service. Their volunteer drivers and care attendants provide transport to a variety of social and medical destinations. Besides donations, they also receive public funding - in particular to provide access to healthcare within the region. The 2nd video below, features a representative from GREAT Community Transport speaking at a NSW Health public forum in regards to non-emergency patient transport funding.

August 11, 2013

Profile: Tumby Bay Community Bus

AUSTRALIA - The Tumby Bay Community Bus is a service provided by the District Council of Tumby Bay. The area of Tumby Bay on the Eyre Peninsula of South Australia is home to 3000 residents, 37% of which are now 55+ in age. Responding to these changing demographics, the local government recognized the need for a community bus service that could benefit the growing elderly population that find if difficult or impossible to provide their own transportation. Volunteers drive and assistance eligible passengers with a new 25 seat accessible Toyota bus. Local trips are free of charge, and trips outside of the the local district are kept at an affordable rate. The following video was produced by the Local Government Association of South Australia.

August 5, 2013

Non-Profit: Rural Transit Service

NEW YORK STATE - Rural Transit is a local non-profit transportation service for the elderly and disabled in Buffalo and Erie County, NY. It is part of a wide range of services supported by Erie County to provide health, nutrition, income maintenance, and social services for local eligible residents. Rural Transit receives financial assistance from the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County. The volunteer driver featured in the following video is shown providing transport services to the suburban areas of Boston, Colden, Eden, and Orchard Park near Buffalo. Find more supplemental transportation services in New York State.