May 20, 2013

Training: VTD Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Drive Education Video

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA - As public agencies turn more and more to the involvement of wheelchair accessible taxis to meet growing demand and costs, it become all that more important to provide specialized training in the transport of wheelchair users. Unfortunately there is a great deal of inconsistency in the quality of education throughout the industry. In some jurisdictions there is little or none, and often the responsibility is left solely to the taxi companies themselves with no other form of accountability. To address this problem, the Department of Transport in Victoria, Australia has produced in cooperation with the Victorian Taxi Directorate (VTD), a comprehensive educational video for drivers that covers all aspects of their responsibilities. It starts with the basics of courtesy, communications, and safety that should be universal. It then goes into the aspects of the service that are unique to the VTD such as the Talking Taxis Communication Boards and the Multi Purpose Taxi Program. By making this video available online and included as part of the VTD website it also informs passengers of the level of service they should expect.

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