February 10, 2013

PROFILE: Morris Area Paratransit System (MAPS)

NEW JERSEY - Morris Area Paratransit System (MAPS) is the curb-to-curb wheelchair accessible and assisted ambulatory public transport service in Morris County, New Jersey for residents 60 years or older, as well as individuals 18 years or older that have a physical or mental disability. They may also be able to provide transportation for people temporarily disabled by illness or injury. The service is generally free, but users are encouraged to donate $1.00 per round trip. In operation since 1987, MAPS together with the Morris County Seniors Dial-a-Ride provides services throughout the county to medical appointments, work, school, adult day programs, and nursing homes. Recently MAPS invested in a new scheduling system (RouteMatch), which is also utilized by the Morris County Nutrition Project to manage the delivery of meals to the homebound in the community.

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