January 29, 2013

NEWS: Medicaid NEMT Brokerage Proposed for North Carolina

NORTH CAROLINA - January 24, 2013 - The North Carolina legislatures are considering adopting a transportation brokerage system for the state's Medicaid recipients. If approved, the brokerage would come into effect by the summer of 2013. Transportation is currently provided by the counties, but the proposal would involve an open bidding process that would let in taxi companies to compete for contracts. The following video from ABC-13 News looks at what these changes might mean for the Rutherford County Shuttle and the Medicaid clients who depend on the service. The director of the Rutherford Transit Authority expresses the view that, while it may work well in larger urban areas of the state; rural residents living in Rutherford County will be poorly served by this new system. For more information, read: Taxis for Medicaid Patients?

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