December 10, 2012

NEWS: LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Texas Draws Complaints

TEXAS - Nov. 08, 2012 - In the lead up to proposed public hearings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region looking into the current state and future options available for the Medical Transportation Program (MTP) in Texas, local TV station KDFW does an investigative report (Video #1) and then follows-up with a story on the public forums (Video #2). The MPT provides transport to eligible Medicaid, Children with Special Needs (CSHCN), and Indigent Cancer Patient (TICP) clients who have no other means of transportation to access necessary health services. Since April 2012, LogistiCare has been managing the North Texas Medicaid MTP under a $30 million annual contract. Since that time as many as 6000 complaints have been received ranging from missed trips, late pick-ups, injuries to clients, and long wait times on the phone. The Human Services Commission (HHSC) will use the public input gathered from the forums as it considers future restructuring of the program operations throughout the state. To learn more read Investigation: Medical Pickup Problems (KDFW-TV), Medical Transportation Program Stakeholder Forums (HHSC), and my own post: What is LogistiCare?

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