December 9, 2012

NEWS: LogistiCare Terminates Wisconsin NEMT Brokerage Contract

WISCONSIN - LogistiCare notified notified the State of Wisconsin that it will be terminating it's contract with the state to manage non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services for Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus recipients. LogistiCare will end operations in the state as of February 17, 2013. It said it was leaving Wisconsin because they were losing money under the current contract because the demand for rides was far greater than anticipated. Citing the state's slowness in implementing promised policy changes concerning eligibility as the reason. Termination of the contract brought about the need for a new round of offers to take over the NEMT Brokerage. Interestingly, LogistiCare has made it known that it plans to offer a bid. To find out more read: Citing Ride Volume, LogistiCare Terminates Contract with State (Journal Sentinel), LogistiCare May Not be Leaving State (Journal Sentinel), and my own previous post concerning this issue: Wisconsin Senate Hearings Investigate LogistiCare Brokerage.

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