November 25, 2012

NEMT Talk: New Forum for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

I have long thought that people in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Industry need a platform where they can talk and exchange ideas, information, and experiences with each other. So, I was glad to see that a forum has just been started that addresses this need. It's called NEMT Talk. It's free, easy to use, and there is a number of different topics of discussion that would be of interest to any involved in NEMT. They range from general discussions to specific areas on dispatch software, licensing, gurneys, wheelchairs, financing, insurance, vehicles (ambulettes), Medicaid brokers, and a 'for sale'/'want to buy' section. NEMT is a highly de-centralized industry. So much of how it is administered, regulated, and provided happens at the local, county or state level. I think part of the interest in my own blog stems from a lack of any central forum. I hope that NEMT Talk can be just such a place. I've just signed-up, and I encourage anyone involved or interested in the NEMT industry to check out.


Natalie Verdugo said...

We are Medwest Transportation Inc. a non-emergency medical transportation company. We started in 2011 and have definately crossed very big opportunities as an industry due to the extreme need of service, BUT have also came into many challenges; after learning that there is a huge gap that has been missing and that MANY of our competitors chose to disregard the ccustomer treatment and service and the importance of security for patients.

However, Medwest is the exception and we have made sure that our company is fully structured internally and externally, to fit the "every" need we believe our customers deserve attention towards.

My question for other NEMT companies ... in order to provide reliable transportation, you have to be able to have a competitive and up-to-date GPS routing software for dispatching and drivers to help cut traveling time, mileage and fuel.

What software or system is the most effective?

Vish said...

Check out:

Vish said...