October 20, 2012

NEWS: East Bay Paratransit Transfer Policy Leaves Customer Stranded

CALIFORNIA - October 17, 2012 - The unfortunate, and not uncommon story of a paratransit customer dropped off at a transit terminal and required to pay the full extra fare to the connecting paratransit service. In this case the wheelchair user claims she had not been informed by East Bay Paratransit of the added $9 that she would need to make the final leg of her journey from the Orinda BART Station to her medical appointment on the other side of the Bay in Palo Alto. When her connecting paratransit bus arrrived it was then she was informed of the additional fare. She did not have that amount of cash, so she was refused tranport. The service, which is operated by Veolia Transportation said they were following policy. As a result, the woman was unable to get to her appointment which she may be penalized $500 for missing. On the paratransit provider's Frequently Asked Questions webpage it does state that transfers outside of their service area will require extra fare. To learn of a similar story in Georgia see: No Free Breeze Card Transfers for Atlanta Area Paratransit Users. In this case, the paratransit user and her family raised this issue with local authorities, leaders, and the media and was able to bring about change.

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