October 27, 2012

Wisconsin Senate Hearings Investigate LogistiCare Brokerage

WISCONSIN - The ongoing complaints from service providers, community and health organizations, along with Medicaid transportation users and their families concerning the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) brokerage system operated by LogistiCare prompted the Wisconsin Senate Committee on Health, Revenue, Tax Fairness, and Insurance to hold an informational hearing in Milwaukee on October 18, 2012. Full, raw video footage of the hearing can be viewed on the Wisconsin Eye website. The following videos provided by the community publication, Madison Voices show just some of the over 40 presentations from the hearing. The various testimonies relate a litany of service problems involving the LogistiCare operated NEMT brokerage: missed trips, chronic late pickups/drop-offs, inconsistent service, lack of payment to transport providers, poor communication between the broker with service providers, inadequate cost reimpursment to providers, clients experiencing frustrating complaint run-arounds from LogistiCare customer service, and serious questions regarding the cost savings of Wisconsin's current 3 year contractual arrangement with LogistiCare. If there is one positive to take away from these disturbing allegations, is that they are being aired, and aired in public forum. If you go my post, What is LogistiCare?, you will find links to my other posts concerning similar situations across the United States. Hearings such as this one could serve as a starting point to work toward solutions to address issues involving Medicaid NEMT brokers, not only in Wisconsin but elsewhere. For more information see: Complaints Prompt Informational Hearing on LogistiCare (Journal-Sentinal), LogistiCare FAIL Kills Yet Sen. Fitzgerald Refuses to Appoint Republican Committee Members (Milwaukee Voices), and my own previous post concerning this issue - One Year Later, Problems Persist for LogistiCare in Wisconsin.

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Onalee99 said...

Transit Plus / First Transit Milwaukee should also be investigated also. They are also having similar issues.