October 14, 2012

UPDATE: One Year Later, Problems Persist for LogistiCare in Wisconsin

WISCONSIN - Since Sept. 1, 2012 when LogistiCare took over as broker for the 270,000 Medicaid and BadgerCare Plus recipients in the greater Milwaukee area that require non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT), complaints from riders, transport providers, and health professionals have persisted. As early as July 2011, when LogistiCare began operations in Wisconson, (see: LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Wisconsin Draws Complaints) questions have surfaced regarding the handling of the Medicaid Transportation Brokerage for the State. It has prompted some in the media, such as the Journal Sentinel and Madison Voices to investigate. The following video presents some of the findings and opinions of  Madison Voices. They begin by providing background into what led the State to contract LogistiCare to provide NEMT management services in the first place: how the system was intended to operate, save money, and provide improved service. They then run through the various problems that seem to be plaguing LogitiCare's operations, and what solutions there might be. What's happening in Wisconsin is unfortunately part of a larger national narrative of difficulties involved with the transition of Medicaid NEMT Brokerages from State operated, to private management by companies such as LogistiCare. To learn more, read my posts: What is LogistiCare? and Medicaid NEMT Brokerages.

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