September 9, 2012

HCT Social Enterprise Champions

UNITED KINGDOM - The Social Enterprise Champions program is a unique initiative of the HCT Group. The program's goal is to connect all HCT staff with it's social mission of providing "mobility, access, and training". Over the past years as HCT has grown, it has became apparent that many new employees (some who have joined through social transfer) were unaware of what social enterprise was, and even that HCT was one. In an effort to change this, HCT has embarked on a long range plan to engage their employees with the nature of a social enterprise: "that they exist to benefit our communities; not profit from them". The Social Enterprise Champions program is made up of frontline staff. As a group they learn about social enterprise, they visit other social enterprises, visit HCT projects, and recieve coaching and support from colleages at HCT such as it's CEO, Dai Powell. The following video features Dai Powell along with the 18 "Champions" celebrating Social Enterprise Day. In his address to the participants, Dai Powell shares his belief that what they are doing is "changing how capitalism works; making capitalism work for the people". To learn more, read my main post for the HCT Group.

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