September 7, 2012

NEWS: 4 Disabled Arrested During Occupy Gracie Mansion Protest

NEW YORK - The following video was from an August 08, 2012 Occupy Wall Street protest that took place outside Gracie Mansion, the official residence of the Mayor of New York City. A total of 8 people were arrested during the protest, including 4 that used scooters or wheelchairs. They are shown in the video being loaded into MTA Access-A-Ride buses by the NYPD. The non-violent protest, organized by the Disability Caucus of Occupy Wall Street raised questions and awareness concerning a number of disability rights issues in the city including the ongoing debate and legal battle over accessible taxis that Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Taxi of Tomorrow initiative was supposed to address. To find out more read: Occupy Gracie Mansion with the #OWS Disability Caucus.

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