September 1, 2012

NEWS: Alert Oklahoma City METRO Lift Driver Narrowly Avoids Crash

OKLAHOMA - Video surveillance footage earlier this year from what is probably a METRO Lift paratransit bus. The onboard camera shows the driver stopping well back of the line of cars waiting at a red light at the intersection of 59 Street and Penn Avenue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma as the sound of approaching sirens can be heard. When the lights change, and vehicles begin making left hand turns in advance of the green, the oncoming car being pursued by police enters the intersection at high speed, hitting both a truck attempting to turn and the van in front of the METRO Lift bus. All three come to a halt just in front of the bus, as the four suspects from the car flee on foot, prompting one of the METRO Lift passengers to speak out to others on the bus that he recognizes them. No one on the bus was injured in the crash. Soon after, three of the four suspects were apprehended.

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