September 21, 2012

NEWS: 2 People Rescued from Stranded Scottsdale, AZ NEMT Van

ARIZONA - August 23, 2012 - The driver of a Dependable Medical Transportation Service (DMTS) van became stuck on a flooded street after failing to heed warning signs not use the road when flooded. Firefighters from Scottsdale, Tempe, and Phoenix needed to be called in to rescue the driver and a passenger who was using a wheelchair. That night there had been a heavy down pour of rain in a short span of time that had caused the storm drainage system to overflow. The DMTS ambulette was on route to take the passenger to dialysis treatment at the time the driver hit what he thought was a pot hole and ended up in the ditch surrounded by fast flowing water. At the time of the incident, charges were pending against the driver for reckless driving. You can see the full police report here.

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