September 9, 2012

NEWS: Special Needs Student Attacked On Nashville School Bus

TENNESSEE - September 07, 2012 - An attack onboard a Nashville, school bus by a group of 6 students upon a 5th grade special needs student has lead to disiplinary actions against the 6 and questions regarding the driver' response. In an effort to escape, the special needs student tried to get off the bus. Because the driver was not stopping, the desparate child bit the driver and then broke the door open in a bid to free himself. The special needs student was later taken to hospetal. Examination showed that he had been repeatedly hit, kicked, and stomped on by the other 6 students. All students involved were being transported to Brick Church College Prep in Nashville. Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is investigating the matter. The special needs student has been assigned to a different bus for the time being. News, Weather

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