September 8, 2012

BCT's MiDAS and PATS Training

UNITED KINGDOM - Bristol Community Transport (BCT) is the largest community transport operator in Bristol. It maintains a fleet of 33 vehicles that are used by over 600 non-profit organizations. This provides these groups with a low-cost alternative to buying or leasing their own vehicles. While, BCT does have volunteer drivers, member organizations often provide their own MiDAS trained operators. Besides community transport, BCT also provides a wheelchair accessible car hire service, as well as MiDAS Minibus Driver and PATS Passenger Assistant Training. MiDAS and PATS are administered nationally by the Community Transport Association (CTA). CTA provides approved organizations such as BCT the means to train and assess minibus drivers and passenger attendants to nationally recognized standards. As a member of the HCT Group, BCT offers the same MiDAS training that their HCT colleagues provide in Hackney, Haringey, Islington, Lambeth/Southwark, and Leeds. Graduates from these training programs will then be able to operate the minibuses and assist the passengers in any of the low-cost alternative Group Transport (minibus hire) schemes provided by HCT Group members. To learn more, see my other posts about BCT and HCT Group.

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