September 14, 2012

Shared-Ride: Ukraine's Marshrutka

SHARE-RIDE - Marshrutka is a form of shared-ride taxi or minibus found in number of former Soviet Republics and neighboring regions. Marshrutka means "routed taxi" in Russian and Ukrainian. Their origin goes back to the 1930's when they were first introduced in Moscow as an economical shared-ride routed taxi service that used a zone-fare system. By the 1990's, Marshrutka minibuses had become common in many places. It was at this time with the introduction of market economics, declining government support of public transit, and a wave of migration to cities that the more affordable Marshrutka experienced a boom. They are predominantly privately owned, but public participation in some areas has helped keep fares low and has seen the introduction of safety and licensing regulations such as mandatory service for persons with disabilities. The following video was made in Kiev (Kyiv), Ukraine by Nadia Parfan and Taras Khimchak in 2010.

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