September 23, 2012

Transportation Leaders: Joel Davis, founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group

LEADERS - Joel Davis is the founder of the United Medical Transportation Providers Group (UMTPG) and the author of the bestselling e-book: How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company, considered by many as the 'Bible' of the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Industry. A graduate of West Point, after a stint playing in the NFL, Joel started his first business, a NEMT company in 1999. He built it from scratch: doing the initial market research, analyzing the competition, formulating a solid business plan, and getting the company off the ground. He started with a single used wheelchair accessible van with himself as driver doing all the work. The business gained a reputation for great customer service and dependable transportation. It was awarded valuable contracts and as the business grew, Joel expanded the fleet and hired additional drivers, as well as office and operational staff. In 2004, he published the first edition of How to Build a Million Dollar Transportation Company. It's a no-nonsense realistic how-to-guide for entrepreneurs starting-up their own NEMT company. It is written specifically for the industry by someone that knows first hand, the 'ins and outs' of the business. As a result of the interest in the e-book, Joel began hosting seminars, offering consulting services, and creating other materials that have been proven to be invaluable resourses for both beginning entrepreneurs with no prior business experience, as well as established and experienced NEMT operators who have turned to Joel to help take their business to the next level of success. Because he is so actively engaged one-on-one with so many NEMT owners from across the United States and Canada, Mr. Davis is able to view and understand trends in the NEMT industry from a unique perspective that few have. Because of this, he recognized that there was a real need for a national organization that could represent, protect, and promote the interests of independent NEMT providers. As a result, Joel founded the UMTPG in 2010. Besides it's advocacy work, the UMTPG offers members valuable insurance, endorsement, and certification benefits. To learn more about Joel, check out some of the following posts I have written that feature many of the entrepreneurs that he has helped.


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