September 11, 2012

Putting Social Justice and Social Change at the Heart of Business

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE - CAN is a UK social enterprise that provides office space, business support and a venture capitol fund to aid social ventures and charities start-up, grow, and maximize their social impact. The following video hosted by Kate Markey of CAN features two recognized leaders of the social enterprise movement: Phil Conway, founder and CEO of Cool2Care and Dai Powell, CEO of HCT Group, a social enterprise in the UK passenger transportation industry. In the interview, Dai Powell shares some of his thoughts about operating a transportation company as a social enterprise: "Social Enterprise is a different way of doing business. It is a way of doing business that puts social justice and social change at the heart of the business. You have to be a good business, but you're there for social change. For us it's key that all the work we do has social value. So we provide a lot of public transport and a lot of care transport. That in itself has social value, but it's the surpluses we generate from that we can reinvest in the communities where we work. Social Enterprise is different from charities, in the way that they use the skills and tools of business to make social good; to change society. In a charity you're not in control of the good you do. It has to be down to someone else; someone giving you grants, someone giving you donations. I see social enterprise as a revolution in the way business is conducted. If you don't have big dreams and big ambitions, there's no point. If you want to work, and work for value, and work for a difference be involved with social enterprise". To learn more, read my main post on the HCT Group.

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