August 5, 2012

How HCT Operates as a Social Enterprise

UNITED KINGDOM - The following video features Dai Powell, CEO of HCT Group; a organization begun 20 years ago to provide local Community Transport that has become one of the leaders of the Social Entrepreneurship movement in the United Kingdom. As Dai Powell says in the film, the purpose of Social Enterprise "is to change the world". "The difference between Social Enterprise and charity is: it's using business skills, it's understanding risk, it's about making a profit; and the difference between a Social Enterprise and business is what you do with the profit." HCT takes the profits from it's contractural work and invests it into the social side of their organization. To create revenue, it has contracted to operate a number of London's red bus routes and even has been chosen to provide transport within the Olympic Park for the 2012 London Games. Profits from these and other initiatives go to support the social side of HTC, such as the wheelchair accessible Dial-A-Ride service that it has been operating since 1982 in the London Borough of Hackney. In recent years, the original Hackney Community Transport has grown and merged with other like minded Community Transport providers in the UK to become the HCT Group. Because it has been so successful, and grown so quickly; it is considered to be at the forefront of modern Social Entrepreneurship, not only in Britain; but as a model for all and any non-profit organization that wants to provide effective and sustainable accessible community transportation services. Go here to see the full interview with Dai Powell.

Other Social Entrepreneurs featured in the film produced by the Coutts Social Enterprise Advisory Service are: Rod Schwartz, CEO of ClearlySo; Dave Miller, Co-Director of Bikeworks; and Jamie Feildon, founder and CEO of Jamie's Farm. To learn more about Dai Powell and the HCT Group, read my post - Non-Profit Spotlight: HCT Group.

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