August 24, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: Senior Service Volunteer Transportation Program

WASHINGTON STATE - Over 3000 seniors in King County, Washington use the Senior Services Transportation Program of Senior Service, a Seattle based non-profit agency that serves the needs of older adults and their loved ones in Washington State.  Seniors such as the 98 year old featured in the following video depend on the Senior Services' Volunteer Transportation Program to remain living independently in the community. Established in 1975, the Volunteer Transportation Program today has over 600 volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to drive seniors 60+ to medical care, treatments, and other essential appointments for free. The Volunteer Transportation Program recieves funding support through the Senior Citizens Services Act (SCSA). Passed by the Washington State Legislature in 1976, the Act commits state monies to provide a range of community-based programs for older citizens. Current fiscal pressures led the State to ahead with the proposed reduction in funding mentioned in the video and in the following articles: One Missed Doctor Appointment Away from Insecurity and Senior Citizens Services Act Cuts: Don't Break Our Promise to Older Washingtonians (pdf). To learn more, read my earlier post: King County Mobility Coalition.

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