August 3, 2012

Provider Profile: Ruskin Private Hire

UNITED KINGDOM - Ruskin Private Hire is an award-winning and innovative specialized transportation company based in London, England. The company was founded in 1997 by Roger Lynch, a former sprinter that had experienced a debilitating injury 2 years before. Their services include: private hire vehicle and driver service, wheelchair accessible transport for the diabled and those with special needs, executive car service, and courier services. Ruskin Private Hire places a strong emphasis upon corporate responsbility and sustainability. As part of this, Roger Lynch established Robust Training, a learning organization that trains people from the local community to work in the paasenger transportation industry. The centre piece of this innitiative is 'Robustraina' and 'Activtrainia', two luxury coaches that have been turned into state-of-the-art mobile training facilities.

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