August 2, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: HCT Group

UNITED KINGDOM - HCT Group began in 1982 as Hackney Community Transport (HCT), providing low-cost minibus transport for community groups and a door-to-door bus service for people with disabilities in the London Borough of Hackney. For the next decade HCT was able to continue offering these services in much the same way, but when government grants were cut back, they found themselves at a crossroads. Rather than continue with the same model of organization based upon charitable contributions and declining govenment support, HCT struck out on a new path based on the social enterprise business model. Beginning in 1993, HCT began to compete in the marketplace, operating much like a business: competing for contracts, seeking out new markets, growing, and meeting change with innovation; but all the while reinvesting back into the organization and to the community to support and expand it's core work. Today they safely provide over 12 million passenger trips annally. They provide a wide variety of services throughout London and Yorkshire. And they have expanded and merged with other liked minded Community Transport organizations, such as Islington Community Transport, LaSCoT, and Leeds Alternate Travel to become the HCT Group.

VIDEO: Coutts Social Enterprise: The Time is Now - Dai Powell

How HCT Group Operates as a Social Enterprise
HCT Group's Experience with Service Transfer
Dai Powell, CEO of HCT Group
Community Transport Haringey
Bristol Community Transportation
CT Plus / Bristol Community Transport
HCT Group Mentoring Social Entrepreneurs through 'On Purpose'
Bristol Community Transport MiDAS and PATS Training
HCT Social Enterprise Champions
Putting Social Justice and Social Change at the Heart of Business

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