July 1, 2012

NEMT Profile: Senior Whole Health

COMPANY PROFILE - Senior Whole Health (SWH) is a unique voluntary health care plan that addresses the needs of people that qualify for both Medicare (65+) and Medicaid ( in financial need). By integrating both benefits (including Medicare Part D Pharmacy) together into one fully integrated plan of managed care, it is able to save government millions in reduced hospital and nursing home admissions by co-ordinating a variety of home and community services that best support the needs of the individual. The program is free for eligible applicants. Each qualified person can access a nursing care advocate by phone 24/7. Included among the benefits is the provision of non-emergency related transportation for eligible recipients. Senior Whole Health is currently available only in areas of Massachusetts and New York. For more information see: What it Takes (Inc. Magazine)

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Shannon said...

Coordinated Transportation Solutions (www.ctstransit.com) is the NEMT Provider for Senior Whole Health and we can attest to their professionalism, knowledgeable staff, and integrity as an organization. It is a pleasure to work together with them to assist the under served in the community.