July 25, 2012

NEMT Business Idea #4: Providing and Delivering Oxygen

CASE STUDY - Dependable Medical Transportation Services is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company based in Phoenix, Arizona that also delivers oxygen as part of their service. Through the Arizona State Pharmacy Board they have received certification to provide medical gas and must comply with all Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) regulations for transporting oxygen onboard a NEMT vehicle. * Note that in some states this may not be allowed. For example, in New York State while ambulettes are allowed to transport a patient along with their "individually and prescribed and provided oxygen" (just as you could with a private vehicle), an "ambulette service MAY NOT provide oxygen or oxygen delivery equipment and ambulette personnel MAY NOT monitor or deliver oxygen or adjust flow rates" (New York State Department of Health). But in states where such practices are allowed for NEMT providers, this opens up a whole new market: not only for on-board use, but deliveries of personal home medical oxygen, as well as deliveries to hospitals, medical professionals, surgery centers, specialty clinics, home health care providers, nursing homes, and emergency medical services. Providing onboard oxygen would also be important if your company was considering long-distance non-emergency trips. For people with serious respiratory conditions, the thought of running out of oxygen while away from home is a very real problem. If a NEMT company is able to provide such a value added service, this would set them apart from their competition, and would cater directly to this particular market niche. On the downside, entering into this field would mean investment in equipment, training, storage, and employee time. As well, there will be state and local regulations that have to be complied with and documented. To learn more see: How to Start a Medical Oxygen Supply Company.

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