July 5, 2012

Poor Medicaid NEMT Service Hurting Colorado Mental Health Out-Patients

MEDICAID TRANSPORTATION - In a recent guest commentary from the Denver Post: Rides to a Mental Health Clinic Should be Dependable; psychiatrist in training, Rupinder K. Legha relates some of the frustration she and her clients have had with the First Transit operated Colorado NEMT Brokerage for Medicaid. Since taking over the state contract to provide management and coordination of Medicaid transportation in January of 2012, many of her clients who rely on Medicaid NEMT have experienced numerous times when their ride failed to show. Dr. Legha provides multiple examples of how this had detrimental effects upon these individuals. In most cases, these trips are to be provided by taxi companies who are sub-contracted to First Transit to provide the service for Colorado MedicaidDr. Legha concluded by suggesting First Transit could improve the service by developing an integrated system that includes input from hospitals, clinics and insurance companies; along with driver education, financial incentives for quality standards, and improved scheduling and coordination.

VIDEO: Does Medicaid Cover Mental Health Care?

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Scott Hutton said...

To improve the service by developing an integrated system that includes input from hospitals, that could happen. That's if the government of the public hospitals are willing to coordinate with the plan.
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