July 7, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: Cotswold Community Transport, UK

UNITED KINGDOM - Cotswold Community Transport is one of a number of community services provided by the Cotswold Centre for Voluntary Services (CCVS), a not-for-profit organization in Cotswold, an area of southwestern and west-central England. Cotswold Community Transport operates paid and volunteer driven local Dial-A-Rides, a Hospital Car Service, and Social Car Program. In the following video, members of CCVS discuss their efforts to reorganize in the wake of declining government and corporate support. They have developed a social enterprise strategy of tendering out contracts to provide for-profit transportation to non-emergency medical, special needs, or education organizations that could help financially maintain and support the Cotswold Community Transport's core work of community transport for the elderly and disabled. To do this CCVS set up a separate company that was a subsidiary of the charity that would in-turn 'gift aid' back to the charity to support operations and capital investment.

VIDEO: Cotswold CVS - Rural Transport Service

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