July 30, 2012

NEWS: Albuquerque Accessibility Investigation Yields Mixed Results

NEW MEXICO - July 28, 2012 - An investigative report from KOB-TV looking into wheelchair accessibility in Albquerque, New Mexico yields mixed results. The reporter's initial look at Abquerque Transit looked promising. The buses were easy to use, properly equipped, and the drivers accommodating and correctly secured the wheelchair and passenger. The investigation encountered problems though, on the streets and sidewalks of the city. A number of areas around or connecting to bus stops were inaccessible. For more information see: Dirt, Grass, and Sidewalk Gaps Challenge Wheelchair-Bound Bus Riders.

NEWS: Charlotte County, Florida Dial-A-Ride Issues Being Addressed

FLORIDA - Sept. 2, 2011 - An investigative news report from WFTX in Cape Coral, Florida; a man shares his frustration with the Charlotte County Dial-A-Ride. He says the tax-payer funded service is unreliable, often late, and time consuming. Dial-A-Ride was contacted and were in the process of working with him to improve service. For more information see: County Busses offer Unreliable Ride for Working Dad.

July 29, 2012

NEWS: PVTA Dial-A-Ride Addressing Booking Problems

MASSACHUSETTS - May 8, 2012 - Amherst, Massachusetts seniors and their caregivers are expressing frustration with the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) Dial-A-Ride. Because the contacted service provider for the program, Hulmes Transportation Services Ltd. had been informing users too soon that their trips could not be accomodated. Staff at the Amherst Senior Center are advocating on behalf of their clients for the PVTA to address these concerns. The PVTA says they are in the process of changing procedures so Dial-A-Ride users will be put on a waiting list, instead of denying trips. For more information see: Seniors Frustrated with PVTA’s Dial-A-Ride Program (WGGB).

Home Care Profile: Years Ahead

HOME HEALTHCARE TRANSPORTATION - Years Ahead is a subsidiary company of Sittercity that helps consumers find the best senior care solution for themselves or their loved ones. Visitors to the Years Ahead website can choose to take a detailed assessment of their needs that will aid in determining the best set of care options among in-home care, senior housing, and memory care available in locations across the United States. Part of the assessment includes questions that will help determine a client's transportation needs and match them with care providers that can best meet those needs.


Home Care Profile: Care.com

HOME HEALTHCARE TRANSPORTATION - Care.com is a privately owned U.S. based company that helps consumers find the right caregiver or care service for themselves or their loved one. This includes service for Children, Seniors, Home, and Pets. Services for Seniors include home care, assisted living retirement communities, senior care advisors, and other home services such as care givers and facilities that provide transportation. Care.com is also available in the United Kingdom and Canada.

July 27, 2012

Home Care Profile: Sittercity

HOME HEALTHCARE TRANSPORTATION - Sittercity is national U.S. company that helps consumers find and compare experienced caregivers in a specific locality. Consumers can view detailed profiles, background checks, references, and reviews. Although Sittercity is associated mainly with care for children (babysitters and nannies), it also includes pet care, housekeepers, tutors, and Senior Care. By using the form below, you can access the search page for Senior Care providers in your area. There you can narrow your search to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a wide range of options available that range from skilled nursing and personal care, to companion services such as providing transportation.

sitter Sittercity Senior Care Search

Enter your zipcode to find a senior care provider in your area:

July 26, 2012

NEMT: Valley Medical Transportation

CALIFORNIA - Valley Medical Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Indio, California. Family owned and operated, they provide ambulatory, wheelchair, and gurney transports throughout Riverside and Imperial Counties. Find more California NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Valley Medical Transportation LLC - Indio, CA

NEMT: Med Tech Ambulance

RHODE ISLAND - Med Tech Ambulance Service is an emergency medical services company based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. They operate throughout the state. They also operate a non-emergency medical transportation division for wheelchair users. Find more Rhode Island NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Med Tech Ambulance Service - Pawtucket, RI

July 25, 2012

NEMT Business Idea #4: Providing and Delivering Oxygen

CASE STUDY - Dependable Medical Transportation Services is a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company based in Phoenix, Arizona that also delivers oxygen as part of their service. Through the Arizona State Pharmacy Board they have received certification to provide medical gas and must comply with all Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) regulations for transporting oxygen onboard a NEMT vehicle. * Note that in some states this may not be allowed. For example, in New York State while ambulettes are allowed to transport a patient along with their "individually and prescribed and provided oxygen" (just as you could with a private vehicle), an "ambulette service MAY NOT provide oxygen or oxygen delivery equipment and ambulette personnel MAY NOT monitor or deliver oxygen or adjust flow rates" (New York State Department of Health). But in states where such practices are allowed for NEMT providers, this opens up a whole new market: not only for on-board use, but deliveries of personal home medical oxygen, as well as deliveries to hospitals, medical professionals, surgery centers, specialty clinics, home health care providers, nursing homes, and emergency medical services. Providing onboard oxygen would also be important if your company was considering long-distance non-emergency trips. For people with serious respiratory conditions, the thought of running out of oxygen while away from home is a very real problem. If a NEMT company is able to provide such a value added service, this would set them apart from their competition, and would cater directly to this particular market niche. On the downside, entering into this field would mean investment in equipment, training, storage, and employee time. As well, there will be state and local regulations that have to be complied with and documented. To learn more see: How to Start a Medical Oxygen Supply Company.

NEWS: Special Needs Student School Bus Bullying Video Released

VIRGINIA - July 24, 2012 - An Appomattox County mother whose special needs child was bullied by two teens aboard a Lynchburg Area school bus last year has released video survelience footage of the incident. The video obtained through a Freedom of Information Act Request made to the Appomattox County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office shows the 10-year-old boy being repeatedly bullied by two 15-year-old buys on a nearly empty school bus for 40 min. on May 5, 2011. The driver can be heard calling them to be quiet, but does not intervene. The teens are shown screaming profanities, name calling (including sexual and racial slurs), choking, hitting, and (later admitted) burning the child with a lighter. The special needs child has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the incident. The driver was subsquently aquited on charges of child neglect, and the 2 teens were found guilty of disorderly conduct, assault and battery. The mother has now filed a $31 million civil lawsuit against the school bus driver, her transportation supervisor, the school superintendant, and Appomattox County School Board. See Cequan Haskins, 10, School Bus Abuse Caught on Tape to learn more.

VIDEO: Cequan Haskins Bus Bullying

July 24, 2012

Accessibility Guide to London During the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics

UNITED KINGDOM - No matter where the Olympics are being hosted, getting to and from venues or even around the city is a challenge for anyone, but for the disabled it can be especially daunting. That's why Transport for London has produced a new series of videos and updated online resources in preparation for the 2012 London Summer Olympics and 2012 Paralympics. From their main Transport Accessibility page you can find specific information regarding: bus, tube, rail, taxi, or river travel. As well there is Dial-A-Ride, London's free door-to-door wheelchair accessible minibus service for eligible members. For those visiting London and staying at an address in a London borough, you can apply for a temporary membership. Specific information regarding access and transport to Olympic venues for the disabled can be found here.

July 23, 2012

LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Virginia Draws Complaints

VIRGINIA - July 23, 2012 - LogistiCare, the transportation broker for Virginia Medicaid, has received a number of complaints ranging from late pick-ups to rides not showing up at all. WVEC-13 reports that in one case, this resulted in a client having to seek medical attention at a hospital emergency. See: Medical Transportation for Medicaid Patients Falls Short to find out more. To learn more about LogistiCare read my post: What is LogistiCare?

NEMT Business Idea #3: Adult Day Program Transportation Services

CASE STUDY - The recent growth of Medicaid Transportation Brokerages has meant that many NEMT companies that used to rely heavily on Medicaid trips for much of their revenue have seen their contract work reduced and their trip reimbursement lowered. Such companies have had to cut back operations, some going out of business all together. All the while, others such as D&J Ambulette continue to survive…and thrive. D&J Ambulette Service of Bronx, New York is an example of a NEMT company that has aggressively sought out new markets in order to broaden it's customer base. The following 10 min. video shows how they have used their size and expertise to seek out new business. For example, D&J worked closely with the Adult Day Health Care Director at Providence Rest Adult Day Health Care to identify the program's specific transportation needs, standards, and concerns. The day program wanted clients to be on the bus no longer than 1 hour. They wanted the drivers to show a high degree of professionalism working with the elderly, with attention to safety. They wanted a service that was dependable, and one that would continue to listen and work with the day program. D&J won the contract by showing that they were ready to listen and adapt their service to meet the needs of the day program. Not all ambulette companies would be able to promise a 1 hour on-board ride time, but D&J utilized their size and scheduling expertise to meet this specific prioity. This is also something that ADA Paratransit would not be able to commit to. Paratransit programs are there to compliment transit and fill-in the service gaps in regards to accessibility. It is not mandated to provide customized services for any one particular facility, but this is something that private non-emergency medical transportation providers such as D&J Ambulette can do - and do well.

July 22, 2012

Social Enterprise: Destinations Mobility / Paratransit Inc.

CALIFORNIA - Destinations Mobility of Sacramento, California is a new non-profit service division of Paratransit Inc. They sell and rent new and used accessible vehicles for either commercial or personal use. Some of the manufacturers they have partnered with include: Clock Mobility, Diamond Coach, and Adaptive Mobility Systems. Destinations Mobility is operated as a social enterprise. All profits will help support Paratransit Inc.'s core work of providing transportation for Sacramento's seniors and disabled population. To learn more, read my post - Non-Profit Spotlight: Paratransit Inc.

NEMT: Willamette Valley Transport

OREGON - Willamette Valley Transport is a non-emergency medical (NEMT) company based in Salem, Oregon.  They provide door-through-door ambulatory, wheelchair, and stretcher services; and will hand over clients to staff if needed. Find more Oregon NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Willamette Valley Transport - Salem, OR

Association of Travel Instruction

TRAVEL TRAINING - The Association of Travel Instruction (ATI) is a national non-profit organization that provides continuing instruction, professional development, registration, and certification for people wishing to teach travel training to seniors, special needs, and persons with disabilities. ATI also hosts an annual Travel Instruction Conference.

VIDEO: Mobility Freedom by ATI

NEMT: Gold Star Transport Inc.

OREGON - Gold Star Transport Inc. is a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company based in Salem, Oregon. Since 2006 they have been providing ambulatory, wheelchair, scooter, and stretcher transport services in Marion, Polk, Yamhill, Linn, and Benton counties. They are a contracted OHP - Medicaid transport provider. Find more Oregon NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Gold Star Transport Inc. - Salem, OR

July 21, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: Buchan Dial-A-Community Bus

SCOTLAND - Buchan Dial-A-Community Bus is a non-profit organization that provides a variety community transportation services in North East Aberdeenshire, Scotland. In 2006 it created DAB Plus, an independent subsidiary company that operates as a social enterprise to provide services to the local community. All surplus profits are then rolled back to Buchan Dial-A-Community Bus to reduce reliance on government grants. DAB+ is an approved centre for CPC Driver Training.

VIDEO: Why Community Transport Matters

July 20, 2012

NEMT: WT Sun Coast Transportation

FLORIDA - WT Sun Coast Transportation Service is non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company operating in the Florida Suncoast counties of Manatee, Sarasota, Polk, Paso, and Pinellas. Because this region is particularly vulnerable to hurricanes, WT Sun Coast Transportation Service volunteers emergency evacuation transports from assisted living homes, hospitals, and other facilities to authorized hurricane shelters during these times. To learn more, go to Veteran Helping Disabled People Across the Suncoast (WWSB-Sarasota). One other unique service provided by WT Sun Coast Transportation Service is Basic Life Support (BLS) Training. Their certified and licensed Nurse Practitioner teaches health care professionals, including NEMT company staff the basics of emergency response skills such as CPR and using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

VIDEO: WT Sun Coast Transportation Service

July 19, 2012

Non-Profit: BABS Dial-A-Bus

SCOTLAND - BABS Dial-A-Bus is a non-profit accessible community transportation program based in Buckie, northeast Scotland. The video follows a demand-responsive shopping excursion along the Moray coast to Elgin which includes an attendant to aid riders and help the driver load/unloading wheelchair customers.

VIDEO: Getting The Messages

July 18, 2012

Chicago Green Taxi Grant Program

CHICAGO - The City of Chicago Green Taxi Grant Program was a 1 year federally funded initiative that was begun on Earth Day 2011 to help the local taxi industry purchase cost-effective hybrid and alternative fuel vehicles. and to help the city move closer to the carbon emission goals set out in the Chicago Climate Action Plan. Now ended, the Green Taxi Grant Program has resulted in 49 new hybrids and 71 compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles added to Chicago's taxi fleet.

VIDEO: Green Taxi Program

July 17, 2012

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Resources

Links to reports, manufacturers, organizations, and services relating to wheelchair accessible taxis. For information see: Accessible Taxi Providers.

1-800-Taxicab - National (U.S.) Taxi Directory. Includes paratransit services directory.

Accessible Taxicab Driver Course - 5 day course designed to train current cab owners who wish to drive Accessible Taxicabs in the City of Toronto.

AccessibleTaxis.com - Low prices, ADA compliant, available across the U.S.

Elite Taxi Training - Yorkshire, England. Includes wheelchair training.

International Association of Transportation Regulators - Taxi Industry regulators association.

MetroKing Motors - Wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer based in New York.

MV-1 - Purpose built wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer headquartered in Miami. Formerly known as the Standard Taxi.

My Taxi Story - Las Vegans with disabilities offer stories about experiences with taxis in Las Vegas.

National Review of Taxi, Hackney, & Limousine Services Standards - Concerning accessibility in Ireland's Taxi Industry.

Taxibus - A public transportation alternative for districts of Montreal where it could not be possible to establish a regular bus service. Operated by STM.

Taxicab, Limousine, & Paratransit Association - International trade association includes 1,100 companies.

TAXI.IE - Ireland's Online Taxi Industry Magazine.

Taxi Service and Limousines - Summary of ADA requirements affecting taxi industry.

Toolkit for Integrating Non-Dedicated Vehicles in Paratransit Service - 2007 study of incorporation of "non-dedicated vehicles", primarily taxis, in paratransit service.

Towards an Accessible Taxi Service for All - Study into accessibility in Ireland's taxi industry.

TX4 (Black Cab) - British purpose-built wheelchair accessible taxi manufacturer. The also have a North American Division.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Inquiry Report - Australian Human Rights Commission report into state of industry across Australia.

Find more blog posts and directory pages that deal primarily with wheelchair accessible, assisted ambulatory, and shared-ride taxi services on the Taxi Index.

Provider Profile: Q Transport

CHICAGO - Q Transport is a luxury wheelchair accessible private ride service available throughout Chicago, Illinois and it's suburbs. They are among the first to use the new U.S made MV-1 purpose-built accessible vehicle. Their MV-1 fleet is fueled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which means lower fuel costs that can be passed on to consumers and 30% less greenhouse emissions than a regular gasoline fueled vehicle. To find out more about Q Transport read Q Transportation Debut's Chicago's First Private-Ride Service for the Physically Challenged.

VIDEO: MV-1. Inspired by you.

July 16, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: Sutton Community Transport

United Kingdom - Sutton Community Transport is a non-profit organization that provides community transportation in the London Boroughs of Sutton and Croydon. They provide a variety of local services including wheelchair accessible transports and shopping shuttle runs. Their operations are paid for in part through social enterprise initiatives such as providing transportation for home school students through a contract with Croydon Council, as well as obtaining working capital funding from Futurebuilders. The following video was filmed during the official opening of Sutton Community Transport's new vehicle depot and offices by Norman Baker, Minister for Local and Regional Transport.

VIDEO: Sutton Community Transport

NEMT: C-J MAK Transportation

NEW YORK STATE - C-J MAK Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company based in Newark, New York. They are an approved Medicaid Transportation service provider. C-J MAK Transportation provides ambulette service throughout Wayne, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Cayuga, Onandaga, and Yates Counties. Find more New York NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Van Show

July 15, 2012

NEMT Business Idea #2: Wheelchair Accessible Luxury Services

CASE STUDY - Alliance Limousine, Inc. of Los Angeles, California operates a fleet of luxury vehicles that includes limos, SUVs, vans, and wheelchair accessible vans. Their Mercedes-Benz accessible vans can accomodate a group of people with extra space for luggage, as well as the kind of luxuries you would expect with a first-class limo service such as climate control, leather seats, stereo with CD/satellite radio, reading lamps, bottled water, magazine/newspaper, and cellular phone. These are not the kinds of niceities that wheelchair users are used to seeing on ambulettes or paratransit buses, but there may be occasions when they wish there was just such a service available for graduations, weddings, funerals, or special events; the same reasons that anyone would consider a limo service. For a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company looking to diversify, this could have some potential if you are located in a market large enough to support such a specialized service. One potential drawback to providing luxury services such as this is the investment involved. Vehicles like the one shown in the video are more expensive to own and operate than a regular ambulette. They could be leased, but weather buying or leasing; you have to consider if there will be the demand to keep the vehicle busy enough to pay for itself, although when it's not in use you could think of it as a back-up or spare vehicle to the regular fleet; to be used in case of break-downs. Just as NEMT services that are operated by ambulance companies tend to be perceived as more qualified and knowledgeable, so too could a NEMT company that provides luxury services be seen as providing a more personable and professional service than an ordinary ambulette company.  Even if you don't opt for a full accessible limo service, incorporating select luxury components into your regular fleet services would set you apart from competitors. This could include chauffeur-like uniforms for drivers and air-conditioned vehicles with a discreet paint job and logo. Branding your company image in this way could also attract accounts from companies requiring shuttle services, groups requiring excursion trips, and other private-pay non-medical transportation needs that fall outside your core NEMT client base.

July 14, 2012

Driving Services: Wheels and Ears Medical Companions

PORTLAND, OREGON - Wheels & Ears Medical Companions provides door-to-door escorted non-emergency ambulatory transportation to all types of medical appointments in Portland, Oregon. The process begins with the medical companion first meeting with the client at their home and discussing their needs and concerns regarding the upcoming appointment and will ensure the client brings all required information such as insurance forms. After being safely transported to the doctor's, the companion will (with the client's permission) take comprehensive notes during the visit. If needed, the companion will stop at the pharmacy on the ride home. The notes are then left with the client as a record that can be used for further reference.

VIDEO: Portland Oregon Non-Emergency Medical Transportation & Notetaking

July 11, 2012

UPDATE: DART Paratransit Driver Responsible for Accident is Fired

DALLAS, TEXAS - July 10, 2012 - The paratransit driver for Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) that was responsible for a June 29, 2012 five car chain reaction crash on a Dallas freeway has been fired by his employer, Veolia which is a company contracted to DART. Newly released video survellience footage from the inside of the bus during the crash shows that the driver was not distracted by a cell phone or MDT, as some had speculated. See my earlier post: DART Driver Causes 5 Car Freeway Pile-Up for more information.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

July 9, 2012

Profile: HARTplus Update

FLORIDAHARTplus is the paratransit division of Hillsborough Area Regional Transit (HART), that serves the transportation needs of the disabled, elderly, and special needs population of Hillsborough County, Florida which includes the City of Tampa. In this segment from Spotlight Tampa, the Director of Maintenance for HARTplus explains how the purchase of 6 new smaller vans can accommodate more of the growing numbers of ambulatory riders. They are still wheelchair accessible, but come at about half the price of a new paratransit bus. For more information read my HARTplus Profile from last year.

VIDEO: Hart Plus - Spotlight Tampa

July 8, 2012

Impact of Transportation Gaps on Health Care Access in Clark-Cowlitz Counties, Washington State

WASHINGTON STATE - The following video presents opening statements from the Washington State University (Vancouver) Center for Social and Environmental Justice Spring 2010 Conference Session: Impact of Transportation Gaps on Health Care Access in Clark and Cowlitz Counties. Panel participants include: Steve Kutz of the Cowlitz Tribal Health Clinic, Carrie Vanzant of the SEAMAR Community Clinic, Walt Gordon of C-TRAN, BJ Jacobson of the Human Services Council, and Axel Swanson of the Washington State DOT Regional Transportation Planning Organization. Host of the presentation is Paul Theirs from the WSU Vancouver, Center for Social and Environmental Justice. Although they are discussing their particular experiences in the Clark and Cowlitz Counties area of southwestern Washington State, many of the issues touched could happen just about anywhere: such as lack of co-ordination between transit districts, long trips, unserviced areas, poor service for disadvantaged rural populations, and inadequacies of transportation systems to respond to unique needs of people who have special needs. One presenter summed it up this way: we need to start seeing transportation to medical appointments as part of preventative health care. When seen only as public transport, the cost seems large, but when included as part of the total health care costs, it's not that much, but it's a small amount that can make a great deal of difference in lowering over all health care costs. Providing transport for people to access to health care can reduce expensive hospital stays because people are receiving the help they need to stay well and in the community.

VIDEO: Impact of Transportation on Health Care Access in Clark & Cowlitz Co.

July 7, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: Cotswold Community Transport, UK

UNITED KINGDOM - Cotswold Community Transport is one of a number of community services provided by the Cotswold Centre for Voluntary Services (CCVS), a not-for-profit organization in Cotswold, an area of southwestern and west-central England. Cotswold Community Transport operates paid and volunteer driven local Dial-A-Rides, a Hospital Car Service, and Social Car Program. In the following video, members of CCVS discuss their efforts to reorganize in the wake of declining government and corporate support. They have developed a social enterprise strategy of tendering out contracts to provide for-profit transportation to non-emergency medical, special needs, or education organizations that could help financially maintain and support the Cotswold Community Transport's core work of community transport for the elderly and disabled. To do this CCVS set up a separate company that was a subsidiary of the charity that would in-turn 'gift aid' back to the charity to support operations and capital investment.

VIDEO: Cotswold CVS - Rural Transport Service

July 6, 2012

NEMT Business Idea #1: Wheelchair Ramp Rental and Installation

CASE STUDY - 1st Choice Ambulette of Glen Cove, New York provides an added service that is uniquely suited to the needs of the disabled. They offer a wheelchair ramp rental and installation service. The ramps are ADA approved, professionally installed in one day, and can be temporary or permanent. People that unexpectedly find themselves confined to a wheelchair, such as after a motor vehicle accident, face a real predicament when it comes to making their home accessible. Some will try make do with hobbling down steps, or have someone they know assemble a makeshift ramp that is not ADA approved. Those unfamiliar with ramps often underestimate the amount of space needed to navigate corners with a wheelchair, as well as distance required for a safe grade of incline. A Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) company is in a unique position of both being in contact with potential customers that may need a ramp, as well as being able to appreciate first hand the importance of a safe, well installed ramp. Wheelchair ramps for homes can range from expensive permanent wood construction, to manufactured semi-permanent modular systems, and temporary folding ramps. By renting temporary ramps, a NEMT company could service that market niche that only needs a ramp for a limited amount of time. If they find the investment prohibitive, they might consider partnering with a local medical supply company. That way the NEMT company could still offer the full range of products available, while avoiding the costs of maintaining a large inventory.

NEWS: DART Paratransit Driver Causes 5 Car Freeway Pile-Up

DALLAS, TEXAS - July 5, 2012 - Newly released surveillance footage from a Dallas, Texas freeway on June 29, 2012 shows a DART paratransit bus running into the back of a line of cars on an off-ramp form the North Texas Tollway. The bus does not appear to make any attempt to stop before impact. Preliminary investigation identifies "driver inattention" as the probable cause of the accident. Two people were injured. DART has placed the 52 year old driver on paid administrative leave. For more information see: Video Shows DART Paratransit Bus Plowing Into Cars (NBC-5) as well as my own provider profile of DART Paratransit. Read my posts: Dallas Man Still Recovering from DART Paratransit Crash and Dallas Crash Victim Suing DART Driver and Employer, Veolia for an update.

View more videos at: http://nbcdfw.com.

July 5, 2012

Poor Medicaid NEMT Service Hurting Colorado Mental Health Out-Patients

MEDICAID TRANSPORTATION - In a recent guest commentary from the Denver Post: Rides to a Mental Health Clinic Should be Dependable; psychiatrist in training, Rupinder K. Legha relates some of the frustration she and her clients have had with the First Transit operated Colorado NEMT Brokerage for Medicaid. Since taking over the state contract to provide management and coordination of Medicaid transportation in January of 2012, many of her clients who rely on Medicaid NEMT have experienced numerous times when their ride failed to show. Dr. Legha provides multiple examples of how this had detrimental effects upon these individuals. In most cases, these trips are to be provided by taxi companies who are sub-contracted to First Transit to provide the service for Colorado MedicaidDr. Legha concluded by suggesting First Transit could improve the service by developing an integrated system that includes input from hospitals, clinics and insurance companies; along with driver education, financial incentives for quality standards, and improved scheduling and coordination.

VIDEO: Does Medicaid Cover Mental Health Care?

July 3, 2012

Big Cut-Backs Slated for Allegeny County, Pennsylvania Paratransit

PENNSYLVANIA - As of September 2012, the ACCESS paratransit service for Allegheny County, Pennsylvania is slated to be cut back to the minimum required under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). ACCESS is a service provided by the Port Authority of Allegheny County. In an effort to deal with a projected deficit of $64 million, the Port Authority announced that cuts to transit, including paratransit will result in reduced service, increased fares, and worker lay-offs. As the following video shows, these cuts are going to have a serious impact upon the disabled and special needs population that depends upon ACCESS. For anyone interested in voicing their opinion regarding these changes; the community organization, Milestone has published a resource page: Take Action: Port Authority Cuts to Bus Routes, ACCESS Services.


July 2, 2012

Non-Profit Spotlight: South East Sydney Community Transport

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIASouth East Sydney Community Transport Inc. (SESCT) is a non-profit community based agency that has been providing wheelchair accessible and assisted ambulatory transportation in Sydney, Australia for over 30 years. Their services include demand response transport for individuals and groups, scheduled shuttle services, an assisted shopping program, and bus hires for community groups or organizations. SESCT receives funding support from the Home and Community Care in Eastern Sydney, the City of Sydney, NSW Health, and NSW Transport.

VIDEO: Don't Fence Me In

July 1, 2012

NEMT Providers: Gate City Transportation

NORTH CAROLINAGate City Transportation is a non-emergency medical transportation company based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Founded in 1997,  they provide door-through-door wheelchair accessible, stretcher, and ambulatory transport services throughout the Piedmont Triad Region (Greensboro, High Point, Winton-Salem). Gate City Transportation is also licensed with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service to transport cadavers. Find more North Carolina NEMT Services.

VIDEO: Gate City Transportation Advertisement

NEMT Profile: Senior Whole Health

COMPANY PROFILE - Senior Whole Health (SWH) is a unique voluntary health care plan that addresses the needs of people that qualify for both Medicare (65+) and Medicaid ( in financial need). By integrating both benefits (including Medicare Part D Pharmacy) together into one fully integrated plan of managed care, it is able to save government millions in reduced hospital and nursing home admissions by co-ordinating a variety of home and community services that best support the needs of the individual. The program is free for eligible applicants. Each qualified person can access a nursing care advocate by phone 24/7. Included among the benefits is the provision of non-emergency related transportation for eligible recipients. Senior Whole Health is currently available only in areas of Massachusetts and New York. For more information see: What it Takes (Inc. Magazine)