June 9, 2012

NEWS: Serious Safety Concerns About LogistiCare Run Missouri Medicaid NEMT Brokerage

MISSOURI - May 15, 2012 - As a result of earlier investigative reports (LogistiCare Run NEMT Brokerage in Missouri Draws Complaints) by local television stations that looked into complaints against the LogistiCare run Medicaid Transportation brokerage, a former LogistiCare employee has come forth not only to confirm the patient's claims reported, but to reveal that LogistiCare had knowingly foregone or delayed a safety audit/inspection of the transportation service providers as stipulated in the $30 million annual contract to manage the brokerage for the State of Missouri (see: Transport Trouble Safety Questions - KCTV). After this story aired on KCTV, LogistiCare issued a response denying the accusations. It stated that LogistiCare had in fact been in touch with the reporter prior to the unannounced on-air interview shown in the video, and had at that time presented their case that the Missouri NEMT Program is being operating effectively and safely. To learn more read: What is LogistiCare?


Anonymous said...

I am a transportation provider that deals with these members on a daily basis. The complete story is not being told here, only a small part that makes headline news. Yes sometimes there are missed pickups due to scheduling errors, or mechanical breakdowns of vehicles. The bigger problem here is not with Logisticare and their providers, it is with the members themselves. The problem is members scheduling appointments, tying up vehicles and drivers, then either cancelling at the last moment or just not showing up for the ride because they do not feel like going that day. The rate for this is " built in" at over 12 percent, so providers are expected to be prepared for a 12 percent plus no show/late cancellation. This ties up vehicles and drivers that could be used for the members that actually want and need to go to appointments. Nothing is done to these members ( usually about 10 percent of the members served) that constantly no show. Those members should be banned from transportation, however nothing is done about it because they are the ones running to news reporters about how they can not get a ride.The members themselves cause most of the problems.

Anonymous said...

Logisticare is now the medicaid transportation provider for Dallas Texas as a pilot program. The company I work for has been providing transportation for years to Medicaid clients. We have spent years building up our clientale and investing in ADA compliant vehicles. Four months into the contract with Logisticare and our clients are now being given to other transportation companies who drive vans. Not ADA compliant vans just personale cars. Complaints we have received are: Driver arrives with no lift/ramp and has clients neighbor lift motorized mobility aid into his car and client then sits in front seat. Driver shows up, client refuses to go with them as she does not know this person and the driver will not leave without her signature paying him. Client had to call police to get driver to leave. Our clients are fragile, elderly and vulnerable. The ADA violations are adding up. This needs to be investigated by Dallas news and Logisticare needs to honor their words given to Dallas providers at the meeting before contract was signed.

Webmaster said...

Thanks for these comments.

The trend towards Medicaid Brokerages is definitely a game changer. They expose hidden costs of systemic problems such as "No Shows" and "Late Cancellations" Thanks for pointing that out.

As far as LogistiCare moving into Dallas, I was not aware of that, I'll keep tabs on that. So far just some call center problems reported:

GRAYSON CO. TEXAS - Phone Snafu Delays Grayson Co. Bus Riders -