June 30, 2012

It's Our Story - Barry Rosenberg

DISABILITY RIGHTSIt's Our Story: Answers from America's Disability Activists is a national initiative to document the history of disability rights advocacy in the United States. It's Our Story has collected over a thousand video interviews with leaders of the disability rights movement. People such as Barry Rosenberg of Denver, Colorado (shown in Video #1) share candid recollections of their experiences. Rosenberg advocated as part of a group called WADE, to bring accessible transit bus service to Denver in the early 1970's. Their efforts resulted in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) initiating one of the first wheelchair accessible transit services in the United States. Barry Rosenberg has remained involved in disability rights, seniors housing, and visual impairment issues.

VIDEO #1: Barry Rosenberg, part 05 of 17: "Fighting for Accessible Transit"

VIDEO #2: It's Our Story

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