June 12, 2012

NEWS: Atlanta School District Admits Fault in Special Needs Student Bus Boarding Incident

ATLANTA - June 8, 2012 - Only after a local television made known the Fulton County School's refusal to pay for injuries suffered to a special needs student while boarding a school bus in December 2010, did the school district come foreword with an offer to help pay the family's medical bills for their daughter. The student, who has Cerebral Palsy was using a walker at the time. She was being loaded aboard the bus using a wheelchair lift.  Before the student had safely entered the bus, the operator began closing the lift; throwing the special needs student into the bus. The school district admitted they were at fault, but did not offer to pay for treatment of injuries sustained until now. To read the full story, go to: CBS Atlanta Gets Action: School Offers to Pay for Special Needs Student's Injuries.

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