May 21, 2012

NEWS: Tasmania, Australia to Review Discriminatory Accessible Taxi Program

AUSTRALIA - Since 2004, wheelchair accessible taxis (maxi taxis) in the Australian state of Tasmania have been operating under a program that discriminates against the very people it was intended to help. Under the program, wheelchair users pay higher rates than users of regular taxis. The following video features disability lobbyist, Jane Wardlaw who has called for a review of the program: Submission in Response to Tasmania's Dept. of Infrastructure, Energy, and Resources, Wheelchair Taxi Subsidy Review (pdf). Here are links to some of the companies that provide accessible maxi taxi services in Hobart, Tasmania's capital and largest city: Hobart Maxi TaxiHobart Yellow Cab, and Maxi Taxi Hobart. For more information see the 2005 state government report: Evaluation of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services (pdf).

VIDEO: Wheelchair Taxi Discriminates

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