May 29, 2012

NEWS: Washington MetroAccess Chooses 16 MV-1 Taxis For Pilot Program

WASHINGTON DC - May 24, 2012 - The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has announced a pilot project that will see the introduction of 16 new MV-1 taxis onto the streets of  Washington and area. The American made MV-1, is purpose built  specifically for the taxi industry and are wheelchair accessible. The new cabs will be operated under WMATA's MetroAccess program, a shared ride, door-to-door paratransit service. For more information see: Metro Unveils New MetroAccess Vehicles (WMATA).

VIDEO: New MV-1 MetroAccess Vehicle Debut | WMATA

May 27, 2012

NEWS: New Accessible Taxi Program for Rhode Island

RHODE ISLAND: April 11, 2012 - A fleet of 13 accessible taxis have been introduced thanks to a partnership involving the Federal Transit Administration's New Freedom Program, the State of Rhode Island, local taxi companies, and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA). The taxis are dodge min-van conversions capable of accommodating passengers in wheelchairs or scooters. Riders can use the service at the same rates as any other customer. The RI Taxi program will be available in 17 communities across  Rhode Island. For more information see: Wheelchair Accessible Taxicabs Coming to Rhode Island.

VIDEO: Rhode Island Wheelchair Accesible Taxi Program

May 26, 2012

NEMT Scheduling: TransiTrak

TransiTrak is a web-based scheduling and routing software program that has been specifically developed for the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Industry. Developed by the Mississippi based Grayco Systems and Consulting Inc, it is now used throughout that state for both private and public fleet management. TransiTrak will organize and manage routes in real-time, manage more trips with fewer employees and vehicles, reduce fuel consumption and labor costs through route optimization, increase DOT reporting accuracy, track poor driving habits and economize routes, track information, and create invoices; all through a web-based solution that does not require expensive computer and data storage investment. To find similar products, go to the Scheduling and Dispatch Directory.

May 23, 2012

NEWS: Brooklyn NEMT Companies Join Together Against LogistiCare Brokerage

NEW YORK - On May 1, 2012, LogistiCare began a 3 year, $80 million contract with the state to manage and coordinate all Medicaid transportation trips in Brooklyn with plans to expand the service throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City by the end of the year. Ambulette companies have charged that LogistiCare has given them less business, has been late in issuing payments, and the promised call center is not yet operational. In response to these problems, a number of the local non-emergency medical transportation service providers have banded together to form the Ambulette ParaTransit Coalition to make their concerns known to LogistiCare and the New York State Department of Health, and to provide a forum for others such as patients and physicians to do the same as the 58 ambulette companies currently represented. To learn more about the current situation see: Ambulettes' Dispatch Woe (NY Post), and for background you can checkout my post: What is LogistiCare?

May 21, 2012

NEWS: Tasmania, Australia to Review Discriminatory Accessible Taxi Program

AUSTRALIA - Since 2004, wheelchair accessible taxis (maxi taxis) in the Australian state of Tasmania have been operating under a program that discriminates against the very people it was intended to help. Under the program, wheelchair users pay higher rates than users of regular taxis. The following video features disability lobbyist, Jane Wardlaw who has called for a review of the program: Submission in Response to Tasmania's Dept. of Infrastructure, Energy, and Resources, Wheelchair Taxi Subsidy Review (pdf). Here are links to some of the companies that provide accessible maxi taxi services in Hobart, Tasmania's capital and largest city: Hobart Maxi TaxiHobart Yellow Cab, and Maxi Taxi Hobart. For more information see the 2005 state government report: Evaluation of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Services (pdf).

VIDEO: Wheelchair Taxi Discriminates

Provider Profile: Dignity Transportation

TORONTO - Dignity Transportation is a wheelchair accessible transportation company operating in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Ontario, Canada. From it's establishment in 1990, Dignity Transportation has grown to become Ontario's largest private service provider of it's kind, with over 50 accessible vans and buses, as well as over 500 sedans available for ambulatory customers including North America's only wheelchair accessible limousineDignity provides services for individuals, groups, special occasions, and non-emergency medical transfers throughout the Toronto, GTA, York, Peel and Durham Region. They also offer franchising opportunities. To find other service providers in this area, go to the Canadian Find-A-Ride Directory page.

VIDEO: Dignity Transportation Inc.

May 13, 2012

Non-Profit: Paralyzed Veterans of America

PARALYZED VETERANS OF AMERICA -  For more than 65 years, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) has been helping injured returning military veterans adjust to civilian life as a disabled person through the various programs and services offered by this national non-profit organization. Transportation initiatives such as the New Vehicle Donation Program and the Long Live Cars Campaign are examples of ways they are helping veterans with spinal cord injuries. The Long Live Cars Campaign is a joint effort of the PVA's MissionAble program and Pennzoil to help veterans, such as those shown in the following video featuring NASCAR's AJ Allmendinger, to regain their independence and mobility.

VIDEO: Getting Our Freedom Back - Long Love Cars

May 8, 2012

Air Medical Transportation Services

Links to Air Medical Transport and Ambulance Services. See also Long Distance NEMT Directory.


Advanced Air Ambulance - U.S and International Air Ambulance, Commercial Stretcher, Medical Escort. and Executive Charter Service.

AeroCare Air Ambulance - U.S. and International Air Ambulance, and Medical Escort Services.

AeroMedical Transport - U.S Air Ambulance, Airline Medical Escort, and Airline Stretcher Service.

Air Ambulance International - U.S., U.K., and International Air Ambulance and Medical Escort Service.

Air Ambulance Network - U.S. and International Air Ambulance, Medical Escort, and Commercial Stretchers Services.

Air Critical Care (ACC) - U.S. and International Air Ambulance and Air Medical, Medical Escort, and Commercial Stretcher Services. Associated with ACC Medlink Ground Transport. Read More...

AirMed - U.S., Hong Kong, and International Air Ambulance Services.

American Air Ambulance - U.S. and International Air Ambulance Medical Transport Services

American Jets - U.S. and International Air Ambulance and Charter Service.

Angel MedFlight - U.S. and International Air Ambulance Services. Read More...

BestCare Air Ambulance - U.S. and International Air Ambulance and Air Medical, Airliner, Commercial Stretcher, and Medical Escort Services. Associated with BestCare Ambulance Ground Transport.

Critical Care Medflight - U.S. Air Ambulance Service.

MedFlight911 - U.S. and International Air Ambulance and Air Medical, Commercial and Air Medical Escort, and Long Distance Ground NEMT Services. Read More...

Medical Escort Services - U.S. and International Air Ambulance, Amtrak Medical Escort, and Commercial Airline Medical Escort Services.

Med Transport Services - U.S. and International Air Ambulance, Medical Escort, Regional and Long Distance (Ground) NEMT, and Bariatric Heavy Lift Services. Associated with Care Trans, a non-profit organization that assists those who need medical transport but need financial assistance.

Travel Care International - U.S. and International Air Medical Transport Service.

U.S. Air Ambulance - U.S. and International Air Ambulance, Commercial Medical Air Escort, Commercial Medical Rail Escort, Commercial Stretcher, and Long Distance (Ground) NEMT Service.


Mercy Medical Airlift - U.S. Charitable Services: Commercial Airline Tickets, Volunteer Pilots, Air Ambulance Coordination, and Long-Distance Ground Transportation Services.


East West Rescue - Indian Air and Ground Ambulance Transport, Medical Escort, and Commercial Stretcher Services.