April 1, 2012

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business Start-Up Manual

TRAINING - The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business Start-Up Manual is new resource for the NEMT industry published by Precision Management and Consulting Services (PMCS). The 250 page manual provides detailed information covering all aspects of the business including start-up requirements, Medicaid contracting process, vehicle requirements, detailed business plan, employee handbook; as well as numerous resources and strategies for marketing, managing, operating, and building a successful ambulette service. The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Business Start-Up Manual is available in hard copy, as a e-book, or combined package of both. PMCS also offers a 2-Day NEMT Start-Up Workshop offered at their Cinnaminson, NJ offices each month. The sessions provide prospective NEMT business owners with the tools and resources necessary to start and build and successful transportation business. As well, PMCS offers Consulting Services for owners of new and existing NEMT businesses. Through their websites: Medical Staffing Manuals and Assisted Living GuidesPMCS provide a wide variety of other similar business products and services specifically tailored to the Home Health Care and Assisted Living Industries.


How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company is a small business start-up manual written by Joel Davis. Since it's first publication in 2004, this e-book has been continually updated to reflect changes in the non-emergency medical transportation industry. This 320 page e-course is the gateway product to a variety of other educational programs and operational services specifically made for the NEMT industry. Read More...


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All these suggestions are very helpful for those who is going to start a new business of non-emergency medical transportation.

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