April 29, 2012

Transit Accessibility Challenges that Greeks with Disabilities Face Everyday

GREECE - While much of the international attention Greece has received in recent months revolves around the Euro Debt Crisis and the violent protests against resulting austerity measures, the following videos produced by Worldfocus show us a different side of the challenges facing that troubled country, and in particular: the difficulties that Greeks with disabilities experience everyday. Video #1 (Disabled Greeks Face Daily Challenges Getting Around), features a woman who, after receiving a spinal injury in a motor vehicle accident, had to go to London, England to receive adequate medical treatment because of the poor healthcare in Greece. Today, she is back home and despite new Disability Laws and some improvements in accessibility, faces a never ending battle to get around Athens. Video #2 (In Greece, Technology Offers New Hope for the Blind), tells a similar story of the frustrations that a visually impaired man in Thessaloniki experiences. For him though, he has had the opportunity to be involved in the development of new technology for the blind that is hoped will help the visually impaired to be more independent in the community.

VIDEO #1: Disabled Greeks face daily challenges getting around

VIDEO #2: In Greece, technology offers new hope for the blind

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