April 15, 2012

Accessible Transit: Disability Support Service and Transit Training

NORTH CAROLINA - The following training video was developed by East Carolina University in order to show their transit supervisors and trainers the correct ways to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs. Users of accessible services have often noted a noticeable difference in driver competence and knowledge between paratransit services and transit when it comes to accommodating disabled riders. This difference can be attributed to the transit driver's lack of familiarity in dealing with riders with disabilities on a regular basis, inadequate training provided by the employer, and pressures resulting from unrealistic time allotted in the schedule to include safe boarding/de-boarding of wheelchair riders. University and College Transit Services have long been at the forefront of inclusion and innovation (read about Tim Nugent at the University of Illinois to learn more). ECU Transit has continued in this tradition by developing programs such as SafeRide, an evening "fare-free" commuting service for students, facility, and visitors. It provides point-to-point, demand-response van transport back to their residence or vehicle. As well, ECU is exploring the possibility of adding a full size 40-foot hybrid bus to it's fleet.

VIDEO: Disability Support Service and Transit Training Video

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