April 9, 2012

Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Brokers

NEMT BROKERAGES - In the United States, each state operates it's Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) program in it's own way. It varies depending upon such factors as the rural to urban population demographics, availability and capacity of private NEMT services, access to public transportation, and the general fiscal health and management of each state. In recent years a number of states have chosen, either in whole or in part, to employ the use of brokers to manage their Medicaid Transportation program. Brokers do not usually provide the actual transportation, but rather enroll and contract  providers to perform the service. Companies or organizations that provide the service can range from private NEMT businesses, to taxi, ambulance, or even public providers of paratransit. The broker typically handles all aspects of determining the transport eligibility, as well as coordinating appropriate transport and routing for each Medicaid client. It has been the experience in most instances, that brokerages save taxpayers money by providing more rides at a lower cost, than publicly managed programs. As the population average ages over the next 20 years, there will be increasing pressure put upon Medicaid programs to reduce and better manage costs. As a result, NEMT Brokerages will likely be seen more and more as a viable option. The following is a list of companies and non-government organizations that provide NEMT brokerage services:

Access2Care - AMR's NEMT Management Services Program.

American Logistics Company (ALC) - National passenger transportation management company serving transit agencies, school districts, and healthcare.

Center for Transportation Excellence (CTE) - Manages NEMT for county governments, managed care organizations, and health and human services agencies that serve older adults, persons with disabilities and other individuals lacking adequate transportation.

Coordinated Transportation Solutions (CTS) - Not-for-profit organization has successfully managed NEMT services, public and community transportation, and call centers throughout U.S. since 1997.

Enjoi Transportation - Manager/Broker of NEMT services in Detroit.

First Transit - NEMT - ADA Paratransit Call Center Management 

Greater Pinellas Transportation Management System (GPTMS) - Provides Medicaid transportation services for Pinellas County, Florida.

Hopelink - Non-profit organization that provides a number of services in Washington State including coordination of Medicaid transport to medical appointments.

Human Services Council - Washington State non-profit organization that provides a number of community services including coordination of Medicaid Transportation.

LogistiCare - Nation's largest and longest established private NEMT broker. Owned by Providence Service Corp. Read More...

Medical Transportation Management (MTM) - Nationwide NEMT broker managing networks in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Also provides Paratransit services management, ADA assessments, and travel training. See video below. Read More

National MedTrans Network - Regional NEMT network management in New York City Metro area.

Northwest Regional Council (NWRC) - Washington State NGO that provides a number of community based services including coordination of Medicaid Transportation

Paratransit Services - Operating since 1980, Provider of various transport services including Medicaid brokerage services in areas of Washington State.

People For People - Non-profit organization in Central Washington State providing a number of community services including Medicaid Transportation Brokering.

Senior Whole Health - Voluntary health care plan for those eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Program manages care including non-emergency related transportation. Currently only available in parts of Massachusetts and New York State. Read More...

Specialty Mobility Services - Operating since 1992, SMS is a non-profit organization that administers various Medicaid brokerage services, including transportation in the State of Washington.

TMS Management Group - Transportation management/brokerage firm specializing in administrating non-emergency transportation services. Providing services in Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

Total Transit - Arizona based transportation management company that provides co-ordination for a wide variety of modes of transport, public and private, including Medicaid Transportation Management.

VIDEO - Medical Transportation Management


transcare uno said...

I have had noting but bad business experience with MTM.
-Poor Vendor relationship
-Charge Back on trips completed
-under cut bidding by reassigning trips
-Not willing to pay fair rate and loads up the trips.
they claim they save cost... yea but who`s expense?
that is the question.

Anonymous said...

LOGISTICARE is even worse than MTM.....if that were possible

Anonymous said...

Planning on starting nemt in nj. Logosticae will approve? If approved undercutting ,reassigning will be there with Logisticare?

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