April 21, 2012

NEMT Provider Profile: ACC Medlink

LONG DISTANCE NEMTACC Medlink was established by it's parent company, Air Critical Care (ACC), as a national non-emergency medical transportation carrier that would provide both local and long distance ground services. ACC Medlink utilizes a variety of vehicle types to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective, and comfortable service for patients. They are equipped and professionally staffed to provide clients with the best in medical and comfort care. Go to the Long Distance NEMT Directory to find other services across the United States.


Anonymous said...

I would recommend ACC Medlink to anyone having to travel any sort of distance in a hearbeat!!
By far a most wonderful group of caring human beings.
Thank you all again for how you touched our family and made our lives a little happier by bringing
my dad home to us.

Sylvia Love

Anonymous said...

I cannot thank you enough for helping to arrange the transport of myself the 4 hours home after back surgery!!! The crew was unbelievable; Toni, the nurse was always next to me talking and tending to my needs, and Tim, the Driver, was the best!!!! Before having the back surgery, I didn’t know how I would get home, and the 4 hour ride in a car would have been impossible! So, I found your company on the internet, called you, and it was that easy! All I had to do was give the social worker, at the hospital, your name and phone number and you, your office staff, and she arranged it all!!

I cannot believe how fantastic the whole experience was, especially after having major back surgery, in which I had to go to a specialist 4 hours from my home. I could not believe how smooth the ride was, and Toni’s company was great…we chatted the whole way. Whenever I got uncomfortable, she would readjust my pillows and even had an assortments of drinks and snacks, (she gave me a drink so I could take my medications). I had no idea that this type of service is available and Toni told me that you have 9 of those “high end” Mercedes ambulances that go all over this country. Toni also said you even do air ambulance work as well! Wow, you really have the best of everything, the crew, the ambulance, and office staff. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I told my surgeon about it and he was very interested in getting more information on your company…apparently he gets patients from all over the country! I would be happy to act as a referral should you need one in the future!

Thanks again,

K. Taylor