March 22, 2012

Cabbies: The Ultimate Taxi

ASPEN, COLORADO - Back in 1984, Jon Barnes began transporting tourists around Aspen, Colorado in his 1978 Checker Cab. During that time he experimented with all sorts of electronic gadgets, lights, and musical instruments to make his job more fun for both himself and his passengers. In 1990 he went independent, he purchased the vintage Checker and transformed it into the Ultimate Taxi. Customers can wear 3-D glasses to watch a laser light show, while listening and singing along to an eclectic soundtrack, and have Jon play along as dry ice creates a fog on the floor. He set out to make it the "craziest" taxi in the world, and it may well be. On the Ultimate Taxi website you can see pictures of some of the happy customers (many of them famous), as well as videos from various news sources that have come to Aspen to experience the "world's only musical comedy taxi theatre night club". The Ultimate Taxi usually operates in the evening when it's dark. When Jon is on the road you can watch live by streaming webcam (see below). For more information you can download the mp3 & pdf transcript of a 1 hour interview of Jon Barnes by Michael Senhoff called: Marketing Lessons From a Colorado Taxi Driver. It is also available as a podcast on iTunes.

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