February 25, 2012

NEWS: Challenges Facing Moscow's Accessible 'Social Taxi' Service

MOSCOW, RUSSIA - February 14, 2012 - For the million+ Muscovites with a disability, getting around Moscow, Russia using public transportation can be extremely challenging and sometimes impossible. There are some bus routes with wheelchair accessible buses, but use of the city's Moscow Metro subway is limited to a handful of accessible stations. To fill this gap in service, the City of Moscow has set up the Social Taxi service. It operates a fleet of 170 vehicles. They receive an average of 2000 calls /day and process over 1000 bookings. The service is provided free of charge and is financed from the municipal budget, but demand for the service far outstrips supply. A private company has entered the market, but the unsubsidized service is cost prohibitive for the average wheelchair user. For more information see: Moscow Rolls Out Private Taxi for Disabled Residents (RT).

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