January 1, 2012

Editorial: Pick-Up/Drop-Off Locations

PICK-UP/DROP-OFF LOCATIONS - It's amazing how often the designated pick-up/drop-off location is "in the back by the dumpster". An older building, with a lot of steps in front - it's understandable, but sometimes these are new office buildings. It's almost as if the architect forgot about accessiblilty. One in particular was a nursing home that had a low over-hang (canopy) in front; too low for our buses to go under, and there was no other area to park. So, even though there was a nice new set of wide, sliding, automatic doors in front - we were forced to go to the back, "by the dumpster", where we had to wait to be "buzzed in", then go through a narrow set of manual doors that were always trying to close on you, walk past the laundry and kitchen, go through another "locked" door, and then look for the nursing station. Plus, on your way out you had to again be buzzed out or given the "code" to get out of both sets of doors. Thankfully this was all recently renovated.

Anyone else have similar experiences? Maybe pick-up/drop-off locations that were unsafe or no where to load? Areas where customers didn't feel very secure or dignified waiting?

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