January 31, 2012

SHARED-RIDE: Indonesia's Bemo Buses

INDONESIA - Bemo and Angkot mini-buses are examples of shared-ride transportation found in Indonesia. The Bemo buses are found on the island of Bali. They usually run between main terminals, but can be flagged down en route. Besides the driver, noted for their incessant horn use, meant to draw the attention of potential riders, they have a 'conductor' who takes the fares and tries to entice passengers waiting at the terminals to take their Bemo. The mini-buses are boldly decorated and often have loud sound systems to entertain and draw the customers. Like the Angkot buses found on the island of Sumatra, they operate with an open side door.

VIDEO #1: Bemos in Kupang

VIDEO #2: Angkots in Jambi

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