January 22, 2012

SHARED-RIDE: Nigeria's Danfo Buses

NIGERIA - Danfos are a form of shared-ride bus common in Nigerian cities such as Lagos and Ibadan. Commercial buses in Nigeria are painted a distinctive yellow. The big buses (44 seats) are called molues and the minibuses, which appeared in the 1970's are called Danfos, or sometimes Bolekaja. The Danfos often have a 'conductor' as well the driver. It is not uncommon for the conductor to lift a running passenger into a moving bus. The Danfos have seats for 12 passengers, but additional riders are often packed in with some seated in the isles. Video #1 shows an American couple's daily journey from Agbowo to Orita-Baisoun by Danfos and taxis in Ibadan, Nigeria. Video #2 describes some of the daunting urban transportation problems facing Africa's most populous country. For more information read: On the Buses in Lagos and Africa in Pictures: On the Move (BBC).

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