January 25, 2012

Disabilities: Getting Around with Diabetes in Bronx, New York

BRONX, NEW YORK - The following videos produced by Diabetes Dialog look at two women from Bronx, New York who live with diabetes. They live in a low-income neighborhood of the South Bronx called Hunts Point. In order to access their necessary medical health services they have to deal with a number of transportation obstacles. Video #1 features Norma Escovito, 65. She has been living with diabetes for 20 years. Because of knee problems she uses a wheelchair. Every 2 weeks she has to see her doctor for a regular check-up. In the interview, she shares her experiences and frustrations using ambulette services, Access-A-Ride, public transit buses, and the subway. Video #2 features Chenet Saunders, 48. She needs transportation to get to her 3 times/week dialysis treatments. She used to take the city bus, but now because she has developed mobility problems that requires the use of a walker, she now uses an ambulette service to get to her appointments. For other trips she uses Access-A-Ride, which she says for her, has been "a blessing."

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