January 14, 2012

NEWS: Atlanta Checker Cab Introduces Georgia's First MV-1 Accessible Taxi

ATLANTA, GEORGIA - January 4, 2012 - Atlanta Checker Cab has announced the first-of-its-kind wheelchair accessible cab in Georgia. Made in America, the MV-1 is the first purpose-built wheelchair accessible vehicle designed from the ground up to meet ADA standards. The MV-1 has only recently went into production at a former HUMMER U2 plant in Mishawaka, Indiana. Atlanta is among the first cities to see the MV-1 put in use. Atlanta Checker Cab is currently in the process of applying for grants in the hopes that as many as 20 more vehicles can be added to their fleet. See: Atlanta Checker Cab Announces First-of-it's-Kind Cab in Atlanta for more information.

Go to Taxi Profile: Atlanta Checker Cab to learn more about the company

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