December 30, 2011

Volunteer Driver Program Resources

Links to online and downloadable resources for organizations developing, managing, and improving a Volunteer Driver Program. Find out more about Supplemental Transportation Programs.

Guide to a Successful Volunteer Driver Program - Published by Seniors' Resource Center in Denver, Colorado; Read More...

High Priority Issues Facing Community-Based Volunteer Transportation for Seniors (PDF) - Paper discussing volunteer driver liability and insurance issues. By Jane Hardin

How to Establish and Maintain Door-Through-Door Transportation Services for Seniors (PDF) - How-to-guide, includes models and case studies of different existing programs. 44 pages

Solutions Package for Adult Day Services Transportation Program (PDF) - Its purpose is to provide guidance and basic information to existing volunteer programs as well as those planning to start new ones.

Supplemental Transportation Programs for Seniors (PDF) - 103 page study of wide range of community transportation programs.

The Support Volunteer Rural Transportation Voucher Program - Online handbook for setting up and running a rural volunteer driving voucher program.

Transportation By Numbers: Getting the Most Out of Transportation Services - Guide to help realistically understand and assess the true costs, benefits, and opportunities of a transportation program. Also available in PDF format.

Transportation Reimbursement and Information Project (TRIP). TRIP is an award winning social transportation program that began in Riverside County, California. The program utilizes volunteer drivers to provide an inexpensive and low risk operational model that can be established in any geographical location.

Transportation Solutions for Caregiver: Solutions Package for Volunteer Transportation Programs - 128 page guide to inform and enhance new and existing volunteer transportation programs. Also available in PDF format.

Transportation Voucher Programs - Toolkit for operating a rural transportation voucher program.

Volunteer Drivers Guide - A Guide to Best Practices - Online guide assists organizations with developing and maintaining volunteer driver programs. Developed by Washington State DOT

Volunteer Driver Liability and Immunity (PDF) - 2006 50 state survey of volunteer driver insurance and liability related laws.

Volunteer Driver Recruitment: An Idea Book for Action - Guide and resources to help implement and improve volunteer driver programs. (PDF)

Volunteer Driver TurnKey Kit - Library of downloadable and materials to help plan, implement, and evaluate a supplemental transportation program.

Volunteers as Transportation Advocates, Planners, and Organizers (PDF) - Study of volunteer involvement in different transportation programs.


STP Exchange - Resources for supplemental transportation programs.

Community Transportation Association - Resources for various modes of community transport including volunteer driving programs.

Beverly Foundation - Resources for supplemental transportation programs.

Getting Around: Alternatives for Seniors Who No Longer Drive - DVD and website about senior "at-risk" drivers with resources for seniors, families, and community organizations. Read More...

National Center on Senior Transportation - An an initiative of Easter Seals.

Senior Drivers - Resources for older drivers.

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