December 31, 2011

Supplemental Transportation Programs in New York

Links to Supplemental Transportation Programs in New York such as non-profit organizations that provide a variety of community run services for seniors, the disabled, and disadvantaged youths. For a detailed listing of agencies in each state that provide transportation services, go to the Supplemental Transportation Program Directory.

Corning ParaTransit Services - Newly incorporated non-profit agency in Corning, New York planning to provide wheelchair transport for the disabled in Corning-Elmira Area not eligible for service from existing agencies and programs.

Medical Motor Service - Based in Rochester, New York. They provide 500,000 trips/year to over 9000 area resident throughout Monroe County.

Rural Transit Service - Supported by Erie County and United Way providing services eligible residents in suburban Buffalo.

Volunteer Transportation Center - Based in Watertown. Provides essential rides to health, social, and other destinations for residents of Jefferson and Lewis Counties who have no other transportation alternatives. Read More...

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