December 23, 2011

Staff Training DVD for Assisted Living Community Transportation

ASSISTED LIVING TRANSPORTATION - It has become increasingly common for assisted living communities to have their own wheelchair accessible buses to take groups on scheduled outings and shopping trips. Transportation is seen as an important component of resident care. It is also a big responsibility for the staff who accompany residents and operate the vehicle to insure safety and quality of care, and one which staff quite likely has never had any specialized training or instruction in. To address this issue, the Care and Compliance Group has created the Assisting Residents with Transportation Staff Training DVD. The DVD covers a number of relevant topics such as proper use of vehicle lifts, assisting non-ambulatory residents, wheelchair safety, and vehicle safety inspections. It also comes included with added resource materials for the trainer and staff. The Care and Compliance Group produces training videos (such as Assisting Residents with Transportation), kits, publications, and regulatory compliance tools that help administrators, managers, caregivers, and staff of assisted living communities improve the quality of care and services delivered to their residents.

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